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Dr Chrissy Sharp is a partner at the Small Tree Farm, part and parcel of being Andrew Thamo’s partner, living and farming there together for over thirty years, and parents to Lara and Tas. These days Chrissy doesn’t contribute to the nursery work. However her tree work continues as Chair of heritage listed Golden Valley Tree Park, the State’s largest arboretum. The Park was founded by Andrew and Chrissy in 1980.

With a PhD in politics from Murdoch University, Chrissy was the first woman appointed to the Environmental Protection Authority of W.A. (1989-1993)  In 1996 she won the upper house seat for the South West Region for the Greens (WA) which she held in the balance of power until she stood down at the 2005 State election. During her time in the Legislative Council Chrissy was the first woman in the WA Parliament to chair a Standing Committee, in which position she chaired fifteen diverse inquiries, as well as amending and influencing the legislative agenda.

One of the earliest members of the WA forest conservation movement, over the years since 1975 Chrissy has kept up a particular interest in WA forest management. This interest continues, along with her passion for green politics and her advocacy for the reform of Australian federalism through the evolution of regional governance. Chrissy participated in the 2020 Summit in 2008.

Today her time is spent in helping trees adapt to a drying climate, finding out how much she has to learn about growing vegies, and blogging.







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