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About Us

The Tree Farm is a small family farm of 40 hectares (100 acres) at Balingup 230 kms south of Perth in the south west of Western Australia, operated since 1980 by partners Andrew Thamo and Christine Sharp. Their son Tosh Thamo, is sales manager.

Trees dominate the enterprises in the form of nurseries, seed orchards, timber plots, livestock fodder plantings, and for plain old amenity and good looks.

Grazing is a minor enterprise, but an important theme on the farm is experimenting with, and demonstration of, greater integration of trees with farming.

Andrew and Christine are the originators of the Golden Valley Tree Park arboretum at Balingup and have been closely involved with that project since 1980.


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Postal Address:  PO Box 21 Balingup    Western Australia 6253
Telephone/Fax: 08 9764 1113   

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